I Recommended This Miami Springs Plumber to My Friend, a Good Story Ensues

If you’ve been following my posts lately, you probably have read about my ordeal with my severely clogged toilet back home. It was a terrible experience I never want to happen again to me or to anyone I know, and that is why I created this post.

I went on a trip to Florida last week. I close friend of mine invited me to his wedding – a nice boho-inspired one. It was an awe-inspiring ceremony that is sure to be remembered not only by the couple, but also by everyone who was there to witness the event. And the after-party? It was just as awesome! I want to tell you all about it, but I’ll have to stop here and talk about that some other time. Boo.

plumber Miami SpringsOverall, my trip was perfection, except that my friend’s house where I was staying had some sort of a plumbing situation. It obviously needed professional attention, but with the wedding costs and all, my friend seemed hesitant to call an expert plumbing contractor. That’s when I chimed in. I told my friend how hiring a trained technician would benefit them in the long run. After much thought, he finally got my point and decided to call Douglas Orr Plumbing as I have advised. If you haven’t heard about this company yet, you can check the video below to learn more about them.

Whenever you need a reliable plumber in Miami Springs, give them a call at (305) 887-1687. They offer plumbing and water heater services that are available 24/7. What’s more, their contractors are guaranteed to arrive fast so you can rest easy. I have proven this to be true on more than one occasions. I bet you could never find a better service provider than Douglas Orr Plumbing.


The Only Plumber I Trust In Cambridge – and Why

When my car broke down last summer, I thought nothing could be worse than that. I was mistaken. Nothing could prepare me for the horror that was soon to come.

I own a home in Boston, MA. It was a two-bedroom house with two bathrooms. Even though I live with my mom (and our loyal dog), I make all the decision-making. I must admit, it was all fun and games until a major problem arose. Indeed, making all the decisions at home is a big responsibility, and with great responsibility comes great stress. LOL.

plumber CambridgeKidding aside, it is really a tough call to be in charge of everything. Just like a few months ago, when a plumbing disaster happened in our home. I know mom could have helped me if she was there with me, but unfortunately, she wasn’t.  So I was alone with my dog, with no idea what to do. My dilemma started with a small toilet clog. I tried using a chemical clog remover that I bought some time ago, but the blockage only got worse, and the toilet overflowed! Imagine how disgusting that was! It also flooded my expensive bathroom and caused water damage to the flooring.

What’s worse is that I wasn’t able to use the toilet for eight straight hours! That was then that I made up my mind that it’s time to call a plumber in Cambridge.

I called Plumbers 911 Boston at this number: (877) 751-2934. I heard about this company from my best friend, Elise. She used this company when they experienced trouble with their water heater. She said it seems like a complicated problem, but these techs fixed it quickly and efficiently. When they arrived at my home, they are very polite and professional. They did repair the issue in no time! Thanks to them, problem solved!

Why Backflow Testing is Important in Your Miami Home

backflow testing MiamiA backflow is not a minor issue and should only be handled by professional Miami plumbers. This is an important decision because the effect of backflow could bring danger to your household. The most dangerous after effect of a backflow is water contamination as it could contaminate the drinking water flowing inside your plumbing systems.

But the good news is, you can prevent the backflow using a backflow preventer in your Miami home. This plumbing fixture prevents the reversing water in running towards the community water system. This mechanical plumbing device is installed in your home’s plumbing system to prevent the unknown quality of water flowing in reverse. Only a certified plumber can install and test this plumbing device.

Value of Backflow Prevention to the Public

To avoid contamination, water districts and offices highlight the importance of having the plumbing system installed with backflow preventer to remove the possibility of water contamination. A community program that lays out the significance of installing this on the primary supply line of their home will assist secure the neighborhood water system from undesirable cross connections. Every individual will take advantage of this sort of mandatory guidelines in the neighborhood, knowing that safety is jeopardized in this sort of situation.

Cross connection is anything that is in the drinking plumbing system like the pipelines, valves, and components, which can permit water contamination to the system. It is best to secure these pipeline systems using this backflow preventer or an air space.

Backflow Prevention Services

There are numerous services available to help prevent this sort of scenarios. It is a property owner’s responsibility when something like a backflow takes place in the water supply. Thus, it is best to be safely guaranteed with the benefits of having prevention gadgets to stop contamination from going into or cross connecting.

Professional HVAC Services for Your Milton Residence

plumber Milton

Your HVAC system serves a great deal of purpose in your home or facility. Do you know that a well maintained HVAC system will save you from tons of headache and money in the long run?

Your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system steadies your facility or home’s temperature this is why it has to be in good shape. If you’re thinking that having it maintained by a reliable Milton technician is costly, then think of the costs if your system breaks down.

Familiarize yourself with the HVAC system and their common issues:

  • To avoid any efficiency issues, install your air conditioning use properly.
  • Proper use of your air conditioning system is a must. Keep windows and doors close all the time to ensure that the air is properly circulating inside.
  • Your air conditioning unite needs the right level of refrigerant for it to efficiently work without issues.
  • Check if your sensor is securely placed and not worn out otherwise it will create issues by providing false readings creating an impact to the functional ability of the unit.
  • Free your air vents from mold and pollutants. If found, eliminate immediately.
  • Frequent change of filter is a must, consider changing it every 6 months along with your evaporator/condenser which has to be changed every year.
  • Every 2 years, clean the air ducts of your air conditioning system.
  • Do not wait for any part of your HVAC system to conk out before calling for professional help, call them right away for maintenance and checking.

When it comes to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, do not scrimp on maintenance fees. It has to be properly maintained in order for it to efficiently work. Remember that a properly working HVAC system saves you a lot of money and stress. Maintenance is always cheaper than repair.

Water Heater Safety Practices for Your Prairie Village Home

tankless water heaters Prairie VillageJust like in buying anything, you first have to do your own research on that particular product to ensure that you have the correct information on its functions and usage. If you are planning to buy a water heater for your Prairie Village home, these tips will surely help. Read on…

  • The manufacturers have set guidelines for the installation and recommended maintenance schedule, it is important that you follow this. If this is too hard for you, it is best to call the services of a local Prairie Village service technician to ensure that everything is installed properly and efficiently.
  • Once a year, make sure that you flush your water heater through the drain valve to eliminate build up.
  • Always set the temperature of your hot water to below 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It is recommended that the safety relief is tested once a year to protect the heater from over pressuring.
  • Ensure that the area surrounding your water heater is free from any flammable/combustible material and is clean all the time.
  • When you are not around, put the temperature of your water heater at the lowest setting to save money and to void any problems that may occur.
  • Keep children away from the hot water heater at all times.
  • Continuous cleaning is important to avoid build-up of sediment and plaque inside the tank.
  • To improve the efficiency of your old hot water heater tank units, insulate them with a fiberglass jacket but take extra precaution in doing this task.
  • At the first sign of water heater tank problem, call your local Prairie Village immediately to avoid additional issues.
  • When you notice a leak, contact a plumber immediately. Early intervention is still better than fixing a broken hot water heater.

Your hot water heater is important to your household, thus the need to install, maintain and repair it in accordance to the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual is extremely important. It plays a significant role in any home as most major tasks at home rely on it. It is also necessary to take extra precaution in using it to keep your family safe.

Qualities to Look for in a Sump Pump for Your Chicago Home

sump pump repair chicagoTo ensure that you are getting the right sump pump for your Chicago home, you need to know the qualities of the sump pump that would suit your needs, home and budget.

A sump pump is essential if you have a cellar. This prevents flooding in your cellar or basement and saves you costly repairs in the future.

Qualities to Look for in a Sump Pump for Your Chicago Home

Price Range
Buying the cellar sump pump is fairly easy these days. One can locate them through diy sellers, waterproofing professionals and also plumbing dealers. Depending upon the attributes as well as top quality, price ranges from $60 – %500.

Submersible Pump or Pedestal
Submersible pumps runs out earshot and also sight, one good point if the cellar is planned to be made use of as a workplace or living location. This choice is additionally excellent if there are youngsters staying in your house as it is much safer. Lifetime of completely submersible pumps is just 5 to 15 years as they sit in water the whole time.
Pedestal pumps, on the other hand, are simpler to fix and less expensive. This type operates from 25-30 years.

Turn on Sump Pumps
Sump Pump switches over come in numerous kinds: mercury switches, diaphragms and also drifts. In selecting, make sure that you choose an automatic one. The automatic kind safeguards the pump also. It automatically turns off when the pump run dry.

The more powerful your sump pump is, the costly it obtains. A pump’s stamina is related to its cost. Its strength is measured by horse power, from 1/6 to 1/2 HP.

Another variable to think about is the pump’s capacity, a factor of the pump’s “head” or effectiveness. This is action by gallons each minute (GPM) or gallons each hour (GPH). Likewise consider the capacity of pump to pass tiny solids like twigs and also leaves.

Lastly, one essential factor to consider is the products that compose the pump. Locate one with a housing that won’t wear away such as alloy, stainless-steel, epoxy coated cast iron and also cast-bronze housings are beneficial. One material to prevent is sheet steel. You will certainly likewise notice that plastics like polypropylene are made use of in all kinds of pumps. Check likewise for the size of the power cord, they are available in 5 to 25 foot lengths. One can not utilize an expansion cables for sump pumps.

Now that you already the things to look into when buying a sump pump for your home, it is now time to choose between DIY or sump pump installation from a professional Chicago plumber. Of course you can do it on your own but just imagine that time you’ll spend on installing it and the money you’ll spend on the materials and equipment. To avoid any future repairs on your sump pump, get a trusted plumber to do this task for you.

Leak Detection in Chicago: 6 Things You Must Know

leak detection in chicagoLeak detection may sound like a trivial process, but early water leak detection is extremely important in any household.  Water leaks often go undetected until serious problems begin to occur.

If you suspect you have water leakage in your home, check out these 6 important things you need to know about leaks and leak detection.

  1. Most household leaks are simple to repair. Worn toilet flappers, leaking water heaters and other common types of household leaks are issues of concern, but all are easily correctable.
  2. Leak detection significantly reduces water loss. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ten percent of households have water leaks that waste more than 90 gallons of water per day. Leak detection is an effective method of reducing household water wastage.
  3. Leak detection saves money. Leak detection can help avoid permanent damage, reduce water loss, and avoid additional water charges.
  4. While a comprehensive leak detection approach is needed to detect and locate leaks that are not readily apparent, you can do a quick test to know if you have a water leak and if a leak detection expert is needed. To determine if you have a water leak in your home, monitor your water meter for 2 hours when water is not in use. If the water meter changes, you most likely have a leak.
  5. To find out if you have a leaky toilet, add several drops of food coloring into the toilet tank. After 10 minutes, check to see if the food color shows up in the toilet bowl without flushing.
  6. Plumbing leaks and leak detection is a serious business, and if you don’t feel 100% confident in dealing with any of these, then your best option is to hire the services of a professional.

Save yourself the hassle and let a professional plumber in Chicago take care of your plumbing needs. Plumbers 911 Illinois is a reliable Leak Detection expert in Chicago specializing in all things plumbing for your home.